Eric Trump: If My Father Runs in 2024, I’d Be Right by His Side Encouraging Him

Eric Trump, former President Donald Trump’s youngest son, said on Tuesday that if his father decides to run for president in 2024, he would support and encourage him.

“I would be right by his side encouraging him because he’s an amazing guy and I have never been more proud of him. I’ve just never been more proud of him,” Eric Trump told Fox’s Sean Hannity in response to a question.

He told Hannity that despite the past four years being “as painful as it was,” he would still “be right by his side.” He added, “he’s really a father to America and I’m incredibly proud of him.”

Trump has not announced that he would run again in 2024, but many have speculated that he would, including former White House adviser Peter Navarro. During an interview with Fox News last month, he said Trump would get “elected in a landslide in 2024.”

In his final speech as president on Jan. 20, Trump told supporters gathered at Joint Base Andrews : “We love you. We will be back in some form.”

“What my father did is something that no political figure has ever done in American history. He changed this country and he changed it for the better. He taught people how to fight and he gave Americans the greatest civics lesson, and it’s exactly, frankly, what this country needed,” Eric said.