Ron DeSantis Announces 7 Strict Regulations To Crack Down On Big Tech Once And For All

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against the abuses of Big Tech companies that have accumulated vast amounts of power which they are using to shut down free speech in America.

On Tuesday, DeSantis threw his backing behind legislation that will take the fight directly to the unaccountable Democrat-aligned Silicon Valley tech giants who have abused their dominance of the industry to silence conservatives and crush dissent to one-party rule.

The Sunshine State leader continues to stand apart from other Republican governors for his willingness to defy the increasingly authoritarian left by resisting demands that he locks down his state and impose the forced mask mandates championed by Democrats including Joe Biden.

Now he is taking the fight directly to those who hate us for our freedoms in an act of defiance that could serve as an inspiration to other GOP leaders.

DeSantis condemned the Big Tech cartel oligarchs whose actions he compared to Big Brother in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984:

“As these companies have grown and their influence has expanded, Big Tech has come to look more like Big Brother with each passing day,” he said.

“But this is 2021, not 1984, and this is real life, not George Orwell’s fiction. These companies exert monopoly power over a centrally important forum in the public discourse and the access of information that Floridians rely on,” he added.

He then went on to list 7 major regulations that Florida would use to crack down on Big Tech abuses.

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